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Company Profile

Having a steady improvement since 1983, our group companies, Neva Ltd. & Sim Ltd., serve in various sectors as importer and exporter corporate of raw materials.

In 2009, the R & D department of Neva Gida Ltd, began exploring the possibilities of manufacturing and marketing of high-quality products for food industry.

Since we first began our searches we made no concessions on the main principal of developing extra-ordinary and high-quality food products that will contribute to human health. 

The fact that edible oil, after water, is the second liquid which we use in our daily life, and that it is as important as water, is our main starting point.

In the belief to supply the highest quality and 100% natural products, we worked determinedly and have completed our system beyond any commercial considerations. After all, we are equipped with the latest oil expelling technology, and able to produce cold-pressed oils untouched by a continuous process starting from the raw material inflow to packaging.  All parts, machines and auxiliary machinery and equipments of the production line are supplied by EU countries and all are first quality product that confirms the EU regulations for food processing.

It is possible to expel essential oils from all kinds of nuts, seeds and leaves at our production facility which is on the first-rank and a pioneer plant in terms of capacity, hygiene and sanitation standards in Turkey for %100 pure cold-pressed oil production.

During the complete production process, which is a pure mechanical process ONEVA cold-press oils are not exposed to heat over 40⁰C, products do not contain any kind of additives or chemicals and none of our products are chemically-treated.

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